Custom Mask Fitter (from Bellus3D)

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Use 3D scanning and your iPhone X, iPhone 11, or iPad Pro to improve the seal of surgical masks by 3D printing a custom mask fitter. 

Bellus3D's Face Mask Fitter is a personalized 3D printed plastic frame that is contoured to the specific shape of a person's face to improve the seal of surgical or similar face masks. The mask fitter model can be generated with Bellus3D's face scanning app on an iPhone 11, iPhone X, or iPad Pro with FaceID capability.

Basic/Standard Style: This style has 4 t-hooks and matches the contour or your face. 
Premium Style: This style has the features of the basic/standard styles plus a middle structure to grip and pull the face mask material away from the mouth. 

Standard: Printed in PLA, it is grainy in texture and has visible "stepping". Can snap if overbent. Suggest careful handling.
High Res: Autoclavable up to 275 °F. Higher resolution material and smooth in surface finish. Brittle, must be gentle in handling.  

You will need to scan the wearer's face using Bellus3D FaceApp, which requires an iPhone with a TrueDepth camera (iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max). 

Band Material: You will need material to create a band to hold the fitter in place around the head. We recommend a chain of thin rubber bands. It may also be possible to use elastic cloth or string.
Filter Material: A surgical mask is preferred. Other filtering materials may work with reduced effectiveness, such as cotton cloth.

Please download the Bellus3D app to get started.


To send us your file:
-Go into the Bellus app
-Select "My Models"
-Click on the image of the model you want to email
-Click on "Mask Fitter"
-Go through the frame options (you won't have to pay an export fee again)
-Click on the 3D file/share button on the bottom
-Enter in our Company Code + Order Number "mak-xxxx"