Mask Extender

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For extra comfort when wearing masks that hook around the ears. These extenders help to relieve soreness around the ears for when masks are worn by nurses and healthcare workers for hours on end.

Material Information:

  • 3D Printed PLA

Other Information:

  • Ability to manufacture 7500 per week
  • Mask not included
  • Manufactured in Brooklyn, NY

Delivery Information:

  • Delivered individually packed to ensure sterilization
  • Packages are dated


**Please let us know (in the notes section) if you'd like these to sit packed in our facilities for 2-3 days to ensure sterilization.

**Please also let us know which hospital you are ordering for

 We manufacture this at-cost in order to support the material and labor costs required to make this. We do not seek additional profit beyond keeping Makelab open and our team financially supported.